The Best Restaurants Near The Hippodrome


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The Best Restaurants Near The Hippodrome

The Best Restaurants Near the Hippodrome

Since opening more than one hundred years ago in 1912, the Bristol Hippodrome has been the site of countless spectacular performances. When it first opened, it was a revolutionary venue. At the front of the stage, there was a water tank that could hold up to 450,000 litres of water and, as its name suggests, a dome on top that can be opened and closed. The dome is rarely opened now, thanks to the invention of air conditioning, but when it is opened, it’s a unique experience for visitors. In its first one hundred years, the Hippodrome survived both World War II and a fire that destroyed the entire stage. The stage had to be rebuilt, but fortunately, the rest of the theatre was ok, and the Hippodrome reopened less than a year later. The venue has been home to numerous award-winning shows as well as British, European, and worldwide premieres. Today, it is regularly the site of West End shows that are touring the UK, performances by the Welsh Opera, and of course, its famous annual pantomime. The Hippodrome is conveniently located right in the centre of Bristol and is surrounded by delicious restaurants you can visit before or after the show. To make things a little easier, we’ve created a list of some of the best restaurants near the Bristol Hippodrome. 

The Bristol Stable

The Bristol Stable is the perfect place for a simple yet delicious meal near the Bristol Hippodrome. Located only a three-minute walk from the theatre, you won’t find a restaurant much more convenient than this. The Bristol Stable is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm, serving up sourdough pizzas and a long list of beers, ciders, and wines, making it the perfect place to stop by for some pre-show drinks and dinner. They use locally sourced ingredients like cheese from Glastonbury and ice cream from Cornwall and additionally make as many things in house as possible

Their organic sourdough is made fresh every morning, and they also use a homemade sauce on all their pizzas. To accommodate as many people as possible, the Bristol Stable offers gluten-free pizza bases and multiple vegan options. Not a pizza person? Don’t worry, they also have some of the greatest mac n cheese in the city, as well as a few salad options. If you check out the Bristol Stable, make sure to try one of their famous puddings as well, like their Pump up the Jam Sundae, which has Jammie Dodgers, marshmallow, hundreds and thousands, and more.

The Ox

If you’re looking for a romantic and classy restaurant to take your visit to the Hippodrome to the next level, look no further than the Ox. Just a half mile walk from the Hippodrome, the Ox, on Corn St, is a high-end steak restaurant uniquely located in a basement bank vault. The restaurant first opened in 2013 and has quickly become a staple in the city when it comes to fine dining. Whether you’re popping in after a matinee or for a nice dinner before the show, the Ox is always intimately lit, making it the perfect place for a special romantic meal or date. The Ox also has an extensive bar menu and is a popular spot for late-night food in Bristol, so you could even stop in after the show.

The restaurant has a variety of different steaks and small plates to please even the most refined palettes like roast bone marrow and grilled scallops. They also have several dishes designed for sharing, including the sharing set menu for two, which is perfect for a special evening meal out. The set menu is £45 per person, or £90 total, and includes an ox cured meat board, bone-in rib or t-bone, and ice cream sharing board. 


Just around the corner from the Hippodrome on College Green, Izakaya is by far one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. It was first opened to try and bring the fun and unique atmosphere of authentic Japanese restaurants to Bristol, and it has done exactly that. They offer a wide range of authentic dishes, from Japanese street food and ramen to katsu curry, poke bowls and sushi

Izakaya is a fantastic place to go with a group because they have plenty of sharing dishes like gyoza, skewers and spring rolls. They also offer a few set meals of sharing dishes and a bento rice set which includes a curry or teriyaki dish and a small dish or sushi as well as rice and green tea. Like traditional Japanese restaurants, Izakaya also offers an extensive list of sakes, both hot and cold. Whether you’re looking to try something new or have a comforting meal close to the theatre, Izakaya is one of the best places for Japanese food in Bristol. 


Catch 22

Next door to Izakaya is Catch 22, an award-winning fish and chips restaurant and the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat on your way to the Hippodrome. The restaurant offers both sit down and takeaway service and has all the traditional chippy options as well as some more unique ones. Catch 22 offers traditional fried cod and haddock and additionally has halloumi, chicken bites and goujons. They have a gluten-free batter for any of these items, although it is not always available, so consider calling ahead if you want a gluten-free meal. If you’re looking for something lighter, they have breadcrumbed or baked items like scampi, calamari, fish cakes, and fresh catches with herbs and spices

Catch 22 is continually working on expanding its vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Presently they have battered vish, which is a vegan fish alternative, and pea fritters as well as vegan-friendly sides like battered mushrooms, pickled onions and pickled gherkins. Besides being conveniently located only a few minutes from the Hippodrome, Catch 22 offers high-quality comfort food, which is always a good choice. 

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