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best airbnbs in bristol

Best AirBnBs In Bristol

Staying in an Airbnb can be a fantastic choice for your trip. Often you can find a way to cut down on costs; with the average Bristol Airbnb being £110, you certainly can save the pennies if you opt for the cheaper end of the scale, and definitely spend less than in a hotel. Steer clear of the run of the mill, cookie-cutter repetition of a bog-standard hotel room, and lodge in a guest room that more accurately reflects the unique experiences within Bristol. Check out some of the best Airbnb spots you can find within Bristol right here.

First thing’s first, let’s get to grips with some of the lingo; if you’re new to Airbnb here are some useful terms to have an idea of.

Someone listed as a ‘superhost’ is someone who is an experienced host, with a few visits already under their belt. They guarantee a great time, and you’ll be left happy.

The next useful to know term is ‘rare find’. This simply means this host is a busy bee, and the listing is, more often than not, booked up. You’ll have to book yourself in well in advance for one of these.

Georgia’s Townhouse

Georgia's Townhouse AirBnB Review

Airbnb superhost, Georgia, offers a guest room within her home in Bristol. Her quaint Victorian terraced house can be found in Totterdown, just a 15-minute walk from Bristol Temple Mead Station.

Whilst prices of course may vary, this room is priced at £37 per night, though Airbnb’s sneaky service fee rounds this up to a £43 stay. This choice is kind on the bank account and will keep your funds stocked up to spend more on your trip’s activities. While this isn’t an all bells and whistles option, it is great value for someone looking for a place to lay their head.

Georgia has held a 4.92 rating and is listed as a superhost on the site, so don’t feel as though this low price means low quality: you’re in for a great night’s rest.

This Airbnb find has one guest bedroom, with one Queen sized bed, making a great budget choice for couples or solo travellers. Tea and coffee making facilities are provided within the room, so you won’t have to go without your morning cuppa. Guests are also granted access to the bathroom, solely for guests, kitted out with towels, shampoo, soaps, a hairdryer and hair straighteners – save room in that suitcase and keep that hair looking photo-ready for the next day of your trip.

The guest room overlooks the back garden, which is also accessible to guests, offering a beautiful, peaceful spot to enjoy the evening.

One consideration for this Airbnb room, however, is that the guest bedroom is upstairs, so may not be accessible to all potential guests.

In terms of getting around, if you’ve driven yourself into Bristol, Georgia, Airbnb host, says there’s a possibility of a space being available outside the house, though if this isn’t possible when you arrive, there are plenty of parking spots nearby.

If you haven’t driven into Bristol, the bus stops just by the house can take you into the city centre, where you can enjoy the harbourside attractions, Banksy art, and local restaurants. Alternately, if you fancy a stroll, it’ll take just 20-minutes to make your way into the city centre on foot. As mentioned earlier, Bristol Temple Meads Station is just a 15-minute walk away from this Airbnb choice, so it’ll be nice and quick to journey home, make your way to your accommodation, or hit your next destination.

Whilst guests don’t have access to food or a kitchen, there are plenty of great places to dine right by the house, such as Artisan Bakery, with fantastic bread, perfect for a lunch or light bite, and The Oxford Pub, which makes for a great evening meal, with fab food and often live music. Alternatively, read our best cheap restaurants in Bristol guide for some more ideas.

Check in times are from 16:00pm – 19:00pm each day and check out is 11:00am the last morning of your visit. This is great for people with plenty to fit into your trip, as it’s unlikely you’ll want to laze in bed when you’ve got sights to be see, and places to visit.

As with many Airbnb finds, the house rules are the standard no events, no parties, and no pets. Though if you’re scouring for something to do, host, Georgia, has been living in the area for more than 20 years and is happy to give suggestions and inside tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your trip. We can also suggest some of the best things you can do in Bristol for free.

One rave review said: ‘Comfortable and clean place to stay on a short trip to Bristol, Georgia was very welcoming and helpful with local information.’ – in a nutshell, this is exactly what you want.

To book Georgia’s guest room, head on over to AirBnB.

Adrian's Log Cabin

Adrians Log Cabin AirBnb

For couples looking for a weekend away in the rural Bristol countryside, you couldn’t find a better spot than Adrian’s Log Cabin, another superhost Airbnb treasure.

This sport is ideal for a couple’s retreat, as it’s a two-guest accommodation, deemed not suitable for under twelves – the perfect reason to leave the kiddos behind for a weekend and visit some of Bristol’s best country pubs.

Check yourself in for a stay at the Log Cabin for just £47 for the night, or £53 with a service fee, though this of course is subject to variation.

This one-bedroom log cabin has a large inflatable mattress, bathroom, with a shower and toilet facilities, and a kitchen, ‘set in front of a quaint stone circle’. The kitchen has a microwave, kettle, and small fridge, though Adrian advises against cooking entire meals in it due to the limited space. There’s also a firepit and barbeque available to use if you fancy something a bit more exciting than a microwave meal.

In the morning, fruit and cereal is provided for breakfast, though it is just a quick stroll to a local store or café to pick something up that is more to your taste.

The log cabin is solely yours for the weekend; with the host, Adrian’s family being on the other side of the spacious garden, and no one else around, it’s the perfect secluded spot for a relaxing addition to your trip. The only shared space is the garden, which guests are welcome to access with the understanding that the host’s family will also use the space.

Found in the South of Bristol, Adrian’s log cabin is a fantastic place to get your kip if your trip to Bristol is more than the city centre. The perfect blend of suburban and rural, giving the great combo of the countryside. The log cabin is framed with trees, finding yourself in the midst of the natural greenery. Great if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And whilst it made be a deal breaker for some, prevent yourself getting sucked back into the digital world, as the log cabin doesn’t have accessible Wi-Fi.

If you’re stuck for things to do (though I find that doubtful, Bristol is jam packed with possibilities) Adrian offers guided tours of sacred sites for additional costs.

A common rule among Airbnb bookings, no parties, and events to be held, though pet-pals are welcome here. There is also smoking permitted here, and you can park free of charge.Bristol log cabin airbnb reviewsCheck in times are from 15:00pm – 22:00pm; this wide flexibility is fantastic as you can make the very most out of your time in Bristol and check out is at 12:00pm (midday).
Find out more about Adrian’s 4.78 rated log cabin at AirBnB.


Ben's Open Acres

Open Acres AirBnb

This is a great family choice for a place to stay, perfect for a family of four. Hosted by Ben, another Airbnb superhost, the Open Acres has a 5-star rating.

This contemporary king-sized room has 1 king size bed, and 2 single beds, an ensuite bathroom, a seating area, and a balcony. This definitely has more of a hotel feeling that the other Airbnb options we have suggested.

The private balcony gives you a brilliant view of the gorgeous Bristol countryside. A great addition is that the countryside surroundings offer a peaceful and quiet night, outside of the lively city.

In your room, there are fixings for a continental breakfast as well as tea and coffee making facilities. One reviewer noted that the breakfast Ben provided went above and beyond their expectations, with milk, orange juice water, yoghurt, pan au chocolate, a number of cereal choices, and porridge all having been available to them.

You can expect to pay around £90 a night for this room, £105 with a service fee, though this is of course a fluctuating price. Though this may sound a bit pricier than the other options on our list so far, remember that this room accommodates four people, not two, and that the average two person Bristol Airbnb stay, according to the Airbnb website, is around £110.

Check in is from after 15:00pm, though this is a self-check in, and check out is 10:00am. Parking and transfers are also available.

Many guests opt for Ben’s Open Acres because it is just 5 minutes away from Bristol Airport, so it is a great choice for anyone moving through Bristol to get themselves further afield.

Open Acres is a no pets, no parties Airbnb.
If Open Acres sounds like a great stop for you, book Ben’s place at AirBnb here.

Katherine’s Animal Sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary Airbnb

Animal lovers look no further! Superhost, Katherine, has a private room available to book at her animal sanctuary. With a 4.87-star rating, Katherine is also a rare find, so you know you’re in for a great stay!

This spot is a one-bedroom booking, suitable for 4 guests, with one king sized bed, and two air mattresses to be inflated as and when they are needed. The room has a work space, with a desk and a chair if you’re not fortunate enough to leave work behind on your trip.

There’s a shared bathroom to be used, with a walk-in ensuite shower. Guests also have a mini kitchen area they can access, equipped with a fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee machine and a kettle.

Guests are also welcome to walk around the property’s land, and feel free to explore, with the 4-acre garden right outside. Another area guests can access is the music room, a real incentive to visit Katherine’s if you’re a music fan. The music room is kitted out with a grand piano, guitars, drums, a sofa, library and doors that open onto the patio.

When staying at Katherine’s place, there is a continental breakfast provided, and in keeping with the ethos of the animal sanctuary, all the food given by Katherine is free from animal products.
Now, the showstoppers for a stay at Katherine’s truly are the animals. With 4 dogs and a cat that are enthusiastic in meeting guests, and 43 rescues, including goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and even a ferret, this is a great place to stay if you’re an animal lover.

As with the other options listed, prices are of course dependent upon the timing of your booking, but you can expect to see roughly £80 a night, £94 with the service fee, for a stay at Katherine’s Animal Sanctuary.

This Airbnb spot is a great choice if you’re staying in Bristol for a bit longer, as you can book the room for up to 28 days. If you’re staying for a long time, or anything more than three days, then Katherine is more than happy to do a load of washing for you, as the washer is in the main house.

Being in the countryside of Bristol, and as the guest room is at the back of the house, the animal sanctuary is away from the road, meaning you’ve not got blaring street noise outside.

Unsurprisingly, your pets are very welcome here and there is a place to park, free of charge. Check in is after 16:00pm and check out before 10:00am.
Find out more information and book your stay at Katherine’s place here on the AirBnB website.

Enjoy you AirBnB stay in Bristol

There are plenty of Airbnb stays within Bristol so one is bound to take your fancy. Whether a room in the heart of the city is up your street, or a quiet countryside retreat is more your cup of tea, there is an option suitable for you in Bristol.

However, maybe you’re looking for something that isn’t on AirBnB’s radar? Why not check out these places to stay in Bristol.

And while you’re here, why not make a day of it and find the best way to spend a day in Bristol. Or find a great place to grab a bite to eat:

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