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Bristol as a 'Vegan Capital'

Nicknamed the ‘vegan capital’ of the world, Bristol has a whole host of vegan restaurants that are revolutionising the way we think about meat-free food. With each of the eateries on our list, the teams behind them are proving that vegan doesn’t have to be this strict or stiff thing, it can be casual and fun, healthy (or not so much) and utterly delicious. With people realising this and becoming more flexible than ever with how they eat; meat eaters, vegeterians and pescaterians are all dipping their toes in the vegan gravy and realising it isn’t something to be scared of. Vegan food, like anything else, can be bold in flavour, vibrant and knowing that you’re helping the environment in the process, well, it doesn’t feel so bad either. For our vegan friends, and those willing to give it a go, we thought there’s probably no time like the present to dive into a list of the best vegan takeaway in Bristol.


Everything from the simplistic lettering outside Kino to the symmetrical pendant lighting and homely runner inside this Stokes Croft cafe is appealing. It’s minimalistic, but warm and welcoming, exactly what you’d expect from a community space like this one Cafe Kino has created. 

But of course, as with many eateries, it wasn’t always a physical shop. Between 1996 and 2002, Cafe Kino, alongside Cafe Mono, operated as “pop up” events until they eventually went on to form the co-op in 2004. What began as a vegan caterer snowballed into their first premises in 2006 until they moved to where they are now in 2010. Many years in the making, this cafe is all about reinvigorating spaces and they do so with a lot of passion. 

Part of this cafe has been converted into a vegan deli, focussing on handmade and organic produce presented in its yummiest form. You’ll find everything from delicious grain salads to seitan chicken burgers, vegan steak bakes and breakfasts here. With a guarantee that the kitchen is 100% free of animal ingredients, you can also rest easy knowing your vegan egg mayo sandwich really is completely free of animal derivatives. 

If all of the above wasn’t enough reason to try Cafe Kino, they also source all their ingredients locally. The fava beans used in their falafel are grown in the UK, and so are the badger beans for burgers. All their fruit and veg are sourced locally, and so is the coffee. 

This is a cafe that not only provides breakfasts, falafel, salads and cakes alongside other tasty food and their acclaimed burgers, they’re a group of people committed to investing in their community. They support locally, provide a safe space for everyone and they do so with a smile. Although you might not be able to cheer them on in person, you can still deliveroo some of their incredibly tasty food to your home. 


best vegan takeaway bristol

There’s clearly no short supply of great vegan delis in Bristol and FLIP is another among them. The fact that this is a shop first and foremost is visible from the moment you walk in and see all the incredible products lined along beautifully displayed shelves. All vegan products, most of these are from small, local artisan food producers and most of what you see here, will be in recyclable packaging in an effort to work towards a greener future. 

But it is also a deli, which means you’ll find a fair few tables to sit down at in this bright space. The display cases are filled with bowls of brightly coloured salads, breads, sandwiches, pastries and a variety of vegan deli products that you’ll undoubtedly want to devour the moment you lay eyes on it all. 

While we’re unable to visit FLIP, FLIP will come to us, which means you can get any one of their beautiful plates of food delivered to your home, or if you feel like a stroll, opt for click and collect. Regardless, we’re looking at an ace lunch that could be anything from vegan macaroni cheese with pulled portobello mushrooms, vegan cannelloni, cannellini beans with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and vinaigrette or gnocchi and tomato. 

All freshly prepared and made with local produce, FLIP is run by Sophie Fox who also manages Cafe Create at the Create Centre in Hotwells. We’d say Sophie’s nailed her goal of creating a “quality experience of contemporary vegan food” here at FLIP. The food is colorful, creative and really tasty. Unfortunately you won’t get to give Mouse, the cutest little shop dog, a pat on the head having food delivered to you, but knowing you’ve got your hands on some of the best vegan takeaway in Bristol will be all you need.


There’s no way you’re passing this bold restaurant by when you’re on Gloucester Road. Painted deep blue with cheetahs and bright pinks, the exterior is certainly enough to draw the eye and you won’t be disappointed by the interior either. There’s a mixture of dark walls and luminous chairs, persian tiles and wooden accents. It’s sophisticated, but fun. Now you might not be able to take it all in or soak up the sun at picnic benches as you enjoy mezze out back, but you can still order Koocha’s super tasty persian inspired food for delivery to your home.  

Mix sharing plates of falafels, spiced cauliflower, tabbouleh or sweet potato samosas by ordering the mezze plates. There’s also Gaymeh – a tomato-based aubergine and yellow split pea stew that’s popular in persian homes – Shirazi – a fresh salad made with tomato, cucumber, onion, pomegranate and mint – and Kibbeh – a classic dish of bulgar wheat stuffed with mince. 

Further down on the menu, you’ll find mains inclusive of doner kebabs, saffron and tahini kebabs and kofta served on a bed of saffron rice and topped with chilli sauces. There are also burgers of different varieties, dirty fries, rice, bread and desserts to die for. Saffron and pomegranate cheesecake, Ghotab – crispy doughnuts stuffed with cinnamon, walnuts and rose water – and Gosh-E Fil – deep fried pastries coated in a saffron and rose water syrup. 

All delicious, all locally sourced, creator and head chef, Noda Marvani takes inspiration from Persian recipes that have been handed down through the generations and puts her own spin on them. Before establishing Koocha in 2018, however, she first worked in her father’s restaurant to earn her stripes before bringing her childhood memories to life in the kitchen of her own eatery. And thank goodness she did, because this is the food the plant revolution needs. 

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It’s natural to think of vegan food as healthy, because it usually is. Grain salads, wraps and hummus all check the boxes for food that’s both tasty and nutritious. Where VX Bristol cements their place in the vegan food scene, is for when nutrition really is that furthest thing from your mind. As a premier junk food shop, these guys are doing mac and cheese burritos, cheeseburgers, quesadillas and each option is honestly more enticing than the one before. Do you choose the Hell Dog, a spicy sausage served in a soft bun with chilli mayo, super hot chilli sauce and jalapenos, or the mexican nachos? We don’t know, we can’t help you choose, because we’re just as eager to eat it all. What we do know, however, is that you have to try one of their shakes with your meal. There’s oreo, vego and biscoff to choose from and each have the option of upgrading to a monstershake. The first two then include a ring donut, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, whilst the biscoff monstershake comes topped with a biscoff bar, whipped cream, chocolate bits, cookie crumbles, biscoff biscuit and caramel sauce. We told you it wasn’t healthy. As if that wasn’t enough to process, the team at VX Bristol also bakes. We’ve seen eclairs topped with ganache, oreos and raspberry sprinkles, cookie sandwiches and incredible donut creations from here before and who knows what they’re concocting next. As the first chain of cruelty-free shops in UK, VX has always believed that vegan doesn’t have to be boring and with their imagination - combined with the quality of food - they’re making believers out of all of us. Seriously good, this is ranking high on the list for the best vegan takeaway in Bristol.

Oowee vegan

As long as we’re talking about burgers, we can’t NOT mention Oowee. With two locations in London and two in Bristol - one on Picton Street and another on Baldwin Street, this chain specialises in turning the beloved burger into a vegan taste explosion. Recognised as the Deliveroo Restaurant of the Year and Best Vegan Offering, they’re obviously doing everything right. The menu may seem on the small side, but by sticking to a core range, Oowee are able to really pack each and every burger full of flavour. You know what they say, quality over quantity right. With four chick’n burgers, you can opt for a simple crispy seitan patty with cheese, lettuce and the signature dirty sauce or go all in with The Baconator - a crispy seitan patty with house made baconnaise, cheese, crispy bacon and lettuce. Their ‘Beyond Meat’ quarter pounders range from a classic cheeseburger with cheese, relish, mustard lettuce and the patty to the Big Oowee, a popular choice, consisting of cheese, hash brown, gherkins, lettuce, the patty and their signature dirty sauce. But what would a burger be without sides? Well at Oowee they don’t just do fries, they DO fries. If the regular ol’ salted potato kind is a bit too pedestrian for you, opt for Dirty Fries - topped, rolled or dipped in garlic, marmite, sriracha or seitan chick’n pieces. There’s waffle fries too. If you’re feeling extra naughty and come on, why not, grab either of their oreo, lotus biscoff, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla shakes too. If you’ve ever been to the Oowee shops, you’d know that they’re clean and clinical, but they’re also vibrant and the same can be said for their food. Yes, it’s junk food at it’s best, but it’s also fresh, enticing and should be on your list of vegan joints to try.


Run by the same team as the friendly Gallimaufry pub, Suncraft exudes the same sort of hospitality. The store front is painted a sunny yellow, the interior is colorful, comfortable and homely with many plants and soft lighting. It’s relaxed and where you want to be when you’re enjoying some of the best vegan food Bristol has to offer. Their current mains are mouthwatering, so choosing any one of the BBQ Tempeh Banh Mi, Sun Satay Noodle Salad, Massaman Curry or Kimchi Fried Rice would be an absolute treat. For sides, there’s sweet potato fries with Sriracha mayo, BBQ tempeh bites, kimchi fritters or the Suncraft slaw with carrot, daikon, cucumber, peppers, toasted seeds, lime and chilli and garlic dressing. Because the team is all about embracing global cuisines, you can expect for the menu to change seasonally, but it will always remain tasty and healthy and can be enjoyed alongside their range of local beers or cold-pressed juices. One of the coolest things about Suncraft is that they work with Grow Bristol to cultivate their own variety of herbs and leaves in V-Farm hydroponics that are situated right by their very own kitchen - talk about locally sourced right? Given everything we know about this restaurant, Suncraft put a lot of care and thought into their food, menu and processes and that’s definitely played a part in the amount of love they’ve seen from customers, press and other businesses alike. Currently closed for a refurb, they will be back with takeaways, so stay tuned to see what’s next for Suncraft.

And that’s a wrap on our top picks of vegan takeaways. Some restaurants seem to be doing a discount on takeaways at the moment, so there’s no excuse not to start making your way down the list.

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