The Best Restaurants Near Cabot Circus


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The Best Restaurants Near Cabot Circus

The Best Restaurants Near Cabot Circus

Right in the heart of Bristol, Cabot Circus is home to more than 150 stores, restaurants, and stands as well as a cinema, adventure golf, escape room, gym, offices, a hotel, and apartments. The shopping centre, which spans almost 100000 square metres or 1000000 square feet, first opened in 2008. Prior to that, it had been the site of post-war shops and the part of the Bristol inner ring road. It was named after John Cabot, the explorer who left Bristol Harbour in the late 1400s for North America. Over the last ten plus years, the building has been recognised multiple times for its sustainable design, which features a rainwater harvesting system, natural ventilation, and eco-friendly lighting. The design is also considered incredibly unique and features three levels of shops. A curved glass roof makes shopping pleasant regardless of the weather, and air circulates through, providing both an indoor and outdoor feel. While there is plenty to do at Cabot Circus, the surrounding area also offers a lot of fantastic shops, activities, and restaurants. Here is our list of the five best restaurants near Cabot Circus.


The Old Market Assembly

Once home to a bank, the Old Market Assembly, which is on West Street just a quarter mile from Cabot Circus, is a fun and unique venue with delicious food and live gigs. The restaurant has two floors with tables that all provide an excellent view of the stage, as well as a rooftop terrace that is open in the summer months. They offer a variety of dishes, including their famous pizzas as well as numerous gluten-free and vegan options. The Old Market Assembly is also well known in Bristol for their Sunday roasts which are perfect no matter your age or dietary restrictions or preferences. As a business, the Old Market Assembly is incredibly passionate about sustainability and is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. They were also awarded Best Restaurant by the Bristol Life Awards in 2018 and Best Business by the Up Our Street Awards. 

Chido Wey

One of Bristol’s newer restaurants, Chido Wey, has been serving up Cali-Mexican inspired food since October 2020. It’s quickly become a favourite in the Old Market area of the city and is conveniently located five minutes from Cabot Circus. Owner and chef Conor O’Hare fell in love with Mexican cuisine working in other Bristol restaurants, and was inspired to open his own restaurant serving up the food he loved with his own unique twists. He spent the first lockdown perfecting his dishes after opening was delayed from April to October. Everything at Chido Wey is made from scratch, in-house, daily using the freshest ingredients. They use a mixture of local meats and produce combined with carefully selected ingredients that are imported from Central America to create authentic yet sustainable dishes and flavours. 

Bella Vista

Just across the river from Castle Park and about half a mile walk from Cabot Circus, Bella Vista on Victoria Street is a family-run restaurant that created a little corner of Italy in the heart of Bristol. The restaurant opened six years ago, and from day one, their goal was to provide the highest quality customer care and treat every guest like they’re part of the family. Bella Vista offers a number of Italian classics like fresh pasta and pizzas and runs specials like lunchtime, early bird, and collection deals. To make your visit to Bella Vista feel even more like a trip to Italy, Bella Vista has outdoor, al fresco seating overlooking the River Avon and Castle Park. Many guests have commented that sitting outside feels like sitting on a Venetian canal enjoying an authentic Italian meal. Bella Vista’s central location also makes it perfect for all sorts of events like birthdays, company outings and family dinners. Most recently, Bella Vista and its staff have been applauded for how seriously they are taking COVID restrictions and the measures they are taking to keep both their staff and guests safe at all times. 

Mugshot Restaurants

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, Mugshot Restaurants on St. Nicholas Street is one of the best steakhouses in the city, and it’s only half a mile from Cabot Circus. The restaurant, which opened in 2018, is the epitome of 20’s glamour dining, offering a one-of-a-kind experience with shimmering chandeliers, their Mugshot wall, and a true vintage feel. Mugshot has become particularly well-known for its unique lava hot stone experience. Hot stone guests learn about where their meat is from, how it is prepared, what to accompany it with, and how to cook it on the 325-degree hot stone delivered to their table. Guests can choose from a single hot stone experience or a shared experience for larger cuts of meat. Mugshot’s highly trained team walks guests through every step of preparing their food on the hot stone, so guests’ safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. Even if steak isn’t your thing, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at Mugshot as they also serve pizzas, salad, and seafood dishes. 

Urban Tandoor

Considered the pioneers of Indian food in Bristol, Urban Tandoor on Small Street is well worth the half mile walk from Cabot Circus. The restaurant opened in 2014 and since then has won numerous awards, including being named one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK. They’ve also been recognised for being one of the healthier curry spots in Bristol and England as a whole because they use less oil in their dishes than traditional curries call for. Urban Tandoor’s menu features a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes, including traditional curries and biryani dishes. They also have a number of urban specials, which are Urban Tandoor’s unique take on classic dishes. Due to COVID, they are currently running a limited menu, but even with this menu, everyone can find their perfect dish at Urban Tandoor. 

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