The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow About Bristol


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The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow About Bristol

One of the best things about Bristol is that even if you’ve lived here your whole life, there’s always something new to discover. And while most cities consider themselves vibrant and diverse places Bristol stands out as truly something special thanks to its unique blend of culture, lively student life, history, and food scene. 

Whether you’ve recently moved to Bristol, you’re studying here, or you’re just looking to get to know the city better, Instagram is one of the best ways of learning more. Uncovering the real Bristol, including its lesser-known hidden gems, Bristol-based Instagram accounts give knowledgable insight into the city, its restaurants and shops, as well as its inhabitants.

While there are literally hundreds of accounts you could follow, we have picked some of the most interesting which, together, captures Bristol in all its glory.

Here then are the best Instagram accounts to follow about Bristol.

Highlighting the best things to do in Bristol.

Helping people discover the magic around the city is Best of Bristol, an account that now has over 100k followers and going strong.

The account is dedicated to highlighting all things Bristol, featuring the photography of others when shared using the #bestofbristol hashtag. The account features everything from Bristol’s wonderful array of street art, the colourful buildings and characters around the city, and of course, lots of food.

Classing itself as Instagram’s “Independent Guide to Bristol” the account is committed to getting people out and exploring the city as a whole. And while the account does not shy away from memes and fun, Best of Bristol also does its bit in highlighting important marches, protests, and social issues going on around the city.


Capturing life on the streets of Bristol.

Created by Bristolian James Koch, dont4getthesun is an Instagram account that captures the diverse faces walking Bristol’s streets.

Good street art is not easy, it takes a bold approach and a keen eye to spot interesting people and their activities. Fortunately, James has both these things and uses it to good effect here really capturing the feel of Bristol.

 Owning the truly unique wine bar and restaurant, The Gallimaufry, on Gloucester Road, James has seen it all and is keen to celebrate the people he’s encountered with his account. 

His images range from street vendors, pasta makers, passers-by, to singers and performers, with each image perfectly framed to draw you into the faces on his feed.


Bristol-based photography network.

One of the most eclectic accounts on this list, igersbristol is a feature account meaning it shares with its followers the work of others. Considered the official Instagram network for Bristol, igersbristol highlights pictures and posts tagged #igersbristol with more than 35k followers enjoying the many sights of the city.

The photography here is truly diverse with many beautiful, professionally taken shots of the city from angles you wouldn’t typically see it from. You’re also treated to some more authentic shots from non-professionals that let you glimpse into the lives of others and see parts of Bristol you wouldn’t normally venture into.

And if you needed any more reason to follow igerbristol the account also regularly posts cute pictures of dogs, sometimes in jumpers.


A closer look at Bristol’s nature and wildlife.

Ran by husband and wife team Jim and Heather Lampard, this account lets you take a walk on Bristol’s wild side.

With obvious skill, BristolNatureChannel captures the beauty of Bristol’s birds, deer, cows, badgers, creepy crawlies, trees, and other natural sights you may not normally see. The team’s patience and photography skills are obvious with some fabulous shots of Bristol’s less obvious residents highlighted such as the shy stout, wood mice, hedgehogs, and even kingfishers.

The photography ranges from sweeping panoramas to close-up macro shots of insects, and everything in between.

Not only is the account perfect for getting to know the wildlife of Bristol, but it’s great for learning about some of the area’s natural beauty spots!


Celebrating Bristol’s colourful houses and walls.

In an attempt to make Bristol the colour capital of the UK, this account celebrates the rainbow of buildings around the city.

Sharing shots of everything from buildings, interiors, outside walls, cladding, roofs, and the sky, the account argues a good case for Bristol being the most colourful city in the country. While some buildings and rows of houses will be familiar, the account does a good job highlighting some of the lesser-known colourful gems around Bristol too. Houses like Picton Street’s truly incredible and every changing decorated houses ( are not something everyone will see on their travels around Bristol, for example.

The account welcomes guest features by simply tagging your photos with #BristolColourUK.


Daily posts of Bristol’s diverse interiors.

While Bristol may be colourful on the outside, it’s not too shabby indoors either.

Capturing the unique and interesting interiors of Bristol’s bars,  restaurants, houses, libraries and all manner of other buildings is insidebristol.

The account now has over 26k followers sharing the decor of Bristol’s most famous and lesser-known locations. Spots such as The Cosy Club on Corn Street are shared with its domed glass ceilings, somehow without a single person in the shot. Other photos share insights into the personal lives of others such as the Courthouse Farm interior that is framed perfectly to intrigue followers.

The account is also a great way to see some familiar places in a new light, appreciating the hard work and thought that goes into every detail of some of our favourite haunts.


Professional Bristolian photographer.

One of Bristol’s most exciting photographers, Sam Binding’s Instagram account is the best place to keep up to date with this award-winning photographer.

Sam’s photos are typically taken first thing in the morning, capturing the mist and hazy light as the sun rises. This gives his images a dreamlike quality that makes the city look particularly beautiful. Relying on his knowledge of Bristol as much as his skills in photography, Sam’s images show familiar spots like Clifton Suspension Bridge in a completely new light.

You can also find plenty of drone photography on Sam’s feed. This lets him share some epic shots of Bristol from the air, as well as some other spots around the UK such as the Glastonbury Tor.


Food. Lots of food.

If you love looking at pictures of food almost as much as you like eating it, then you’ll want to follow bristol_foodie.

While there are plenty of Instagram accounts that feature a feed packed with photos of delicious-looking junk food, bristol_foodie is a little different. Allowing followers to discover more about the city’s food and drink scene, bristol_foodie is run by Cherine, a food blogger who is passionate about good quality dishes.

On her feed, you’ll find some of the city’s most beautiful dishes, captured particularly well as she eats her way through fine Bristol’s selection of gourmet and fast-food delicacies.

Her images bounce from battered sausage and chips with curry sauce to delicately plated works of food art from places like Canteen Bristol, with plenty of other drool-worthy meals in between.


Preserving the diverse street-art of Bristol.

One of the most important aspects of Bristol culture is its street art. Walk down almost any street here and you’ll see walls adorned with highly-skilled works of art from the country’s best graffiti artists, including some homegrown talents like Banksy.

While some other accounts will feature the tags of individuals, this account focuses solely on the artwork, preserving the images for prosperity.

Featuring not only the city’s iconic pieces of artwork from artists such as mac_arte (, but also some of its lesser-known works, the account is a great way to see the living canvas that is Bristol.


Perhaps Bristol’s biggest celebrant, Porthjess is the personal account of IgersBristol’s founder, Jess Siggers.

Amassing over 43k followers with her photographic eye, Jess is keen to capture and share the magic she finds in the details of Bristol as well as all that’s big and bold.  She regularly accompanies her photos with some insightful captions that give you a glimpse into her life and that of the people of Bristol, bringing her images to life.

Scroll through her feed and you’ll find everything from the city’s colourful architecture and natural landscapes, to Bristol’s newest street art, blossom trees and community gatherings. Her account is a great way to see Bristol change through the seasons and also just know what’s going on.


Finally –> follow US:

As one of the country’s most diverse and colourful cities, Bristol takes time to truly discover. While these accounts help bring some of the most interesting aspects of the city, there are plenty of other accounts to discover, some definitely deserving of more followers!

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