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Best Bristol Barbers

Top Picks:

British Barber Company

Franco’s Barbering Lounge

Karwan's Barber Shop

Discover more of Bristol’s best Barbershops

A bit of Barber history

Barbering has been around for thousands of years and was first recorded around 5000 BC when Egyptian nobles had their hair cut using sharpened flint or oyster shells. As time went on, records show that barbers were often the most important men in their tribes, also serving as the priests and medicine men. This is thought to have started as a result of the superstitions that many tribes had about spirits entering and leaving the body through the hair. Because of this, barbers needed to have a solid understanding of how to rid the body of evil spirits, which could only be done by cutting the hair.
Throughout history, hair and barbers have continued to play an important role in society. For a long time, haircuts were a symbol of status with barbers only working for royalty and other nobles. Around the start of the Roman Empire, beards were what distinguished slaves and free men from one another. This was also when the barbershop became a place to go to socialise and meet up with people in addition to having your hair cut. By the middle ages, barbers in the UK were some of the most respected individuals in society. In addition to cutting hair, barbers were also the doctors and dentists for their communities. They performed all kinds of procedures like tooth extractions, enemas, surgeries, and bloodletting. Bloodletting, or therapeutic phlebotomy, was the process of removing blood from a patient’s body to treat conditions like the plague, smallpox, and even epilepsy. A barber could do this by cutting the patient’s vein or using leeches. The patient then bled until they passed out. The whole idea was that by removing the bad blood from the body, there was now room for good, healthy blood to form. Barbers then used the bowl of blood from their last patient or a blood-soaked rag outside their home to advertise their services. This continued until the mid-1700s when barbers who cut hair were no longer allowed to perform surgeries. Finally, in 1800, the College of Surgery’s founding in England signified the official split of barbering and surgery.
While none of the barbers on our list will be performing any of those procedures on you, it’s still important to find a good barber. Bristol is home to a number of barbershops offering a variety of services. This can make it difficult and overwhelming to find a barber who you can trust and whose services don’t cost an arm and a leg. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our ten favourite barbers in Bristol.

British Barber Company

With three locations around the city, the British Barber Company is one of the most well-known barbers in Bristol. Their Clifton Village location has been open for more than 25 years, consistently providing some of the highest quality male grooming services in Bristol. Each of the shops features unique old school décor, reminding customers of the charm of a classic old-timey barbershop.
In addition to the usual services like a cut or fade, the British Barber Company offers a full gentleman’s shave, which takes about 30 minutes. A very thorough process including two full lather shaves, an extra close shave, a face massage, and a shot of Famous Grouse whiskey, you’re sure to feel like a true gentleman when you leave the British Barber Company.

Franco’s Barbering Lounge

Franco’s Barbering Lounge Creative Director Franco Lombardi has more than 30 years of barbering experience, and today his shop is considered a local institution. Recently they moved into a newer and bigger location on Gloucester Road to accommodate the growing business. The new shop has a clean and relaxed feel while also featuring a number of classic barbershop touches. 

Franco and his staff offer all of the classic barber services you’d expect in a barbershop as well as a number of modern services like creative cuts. Another unique offering at Franco’s is their Late Night Hairdressing and Barbering Breakfast Club. Every Thursday night, Franco’s is open until 8 pm, and they open at 7:30 am on Fridays so that men can fit their haircuts in around their work schedule. Additionally, anyone at the Breakfast Club gets a free Italian coffee and croissant. 

Karwan's Barber Shop

Karwan’s Barber Shop on Park Street is a family run business offering a range of traditional barber services. The friendly and hospitable barbers provide high-quality haircuts, fades, traditional hot towel shaves, head shaves, and beard shaping for all hair types. In addition to great service, their prices can’t be beaten. Haircuts start at only £9, with a wash and cut being £12. Their customers repeatedly note how much the barbers at Karwan’s genuinely care about their customers and go above and beyond to make sure all their needs are met.

More BEST Barbers in Bristol:

Barbers Room Bristol

Right in the heart of the Old City, the Barbers Room Bristol is a unique barbershop unlike anything else you'll find in Bristol. In addition to fantastic service, there are DJ decks in the shop where famous DJs come and play music while you get your haircut. Even if there isn't a DJ in the shop while you're getting your haircut, the Barbers Room always makes sure to have the best music playing to keep the environment fun and upbeat. The Barbers Room also stands apart from other shops because they offer haircuts for women in addition to the typical barbershop services like haircuts, shaves, and beard trims.
View website:

Men's Cave Bristol

Men's Cave Bristol first opened its doors on Park Street in 2018 and has since expanded to a second location on High Street. Owner Khaled has close to 20 years of barbering experience having worked in both Spain and Bristol. His deep understanding of the industry allowed him to know exactly what he needed to do to open his own five-star barbershop in the heart of Bristol. Men's Cave provides first-class full grooming services including wet shave, beard trim, fades, and traditional haircuts. Every service is available as a walk-in and for a very affordable price. Khaled and his staff are passionate about what they do and providing the best possible service. In only a few years, Men's Cave has created a stellar reputation around Bristol as one of the city's best barbers.
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Shotgun Barbers

Shotgun Barbers is a unique unisex barbershop with two locations, Shotgun Bearpit and Shotgun Clifton. Both locations are staffed by the best barbers and hairdressers in Bristol who are passionate about giving their customers creative haircuts. They offer a range of services covering everything from balayage to beards and fades to fringes. Every service at Shotgun is priced based on hair length rather than by gender. The Shotgun Bearpit location is famous for the creative colours their stylists are able to achieve.
View website:


Located in Central Bristol not far from Christmas Steps and right across from Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Mugshot is one of our favourite up and coming barbershops. Owner Ben has been barbering since 2013 and dreamt of opening up a barbershop that felt like a reflection of himself for a long time. Take one look at Mugshot, and you'll immediately see how accurate the space is at reflecting Ben's personality. He is a big skateboarding fan and particularly loves skate shops. He took some of his favourite skate shop features and combined them with traditional barbershop décor to create his unique space. Ben and his staff are committed to continuing to expand their expertise and exploring new areas of barbering so they can serve a larger clientele. His goal for Mugshot is to create a space where everyone who comes into his shop feels welcome and comfortable. He's been able to accomplish this quickly, and since opening only a few years ago, Mugshot has built a strong and loyal customer base.
View website:

Daniel Rymer Male Grooming

Daniel Rymer Male Grooming is a refined and high-quality barber and male grooming specialist right in the heart of the Old City. Located on St. Stephen's Street, the unique space has many of the classic barbershop features with sophisticated touches to take it to the next level. Daniel Rymer and his team of stylists are experienced in cutting and maintaining men's hair regardless of length, texture, or style. The team is also skilled at consulting clients looking for a completely new hairstyle. In addition to haircuts, washes, and beard trims, the senior stylists offer grey blending, a low maintenance solution for anyone looking to slow down the greying of their hair. While the prices are slightly more expensive than what you may expect from a traditional barbershop, it's completely worth it for the level of expertise and knowledge that every team member has.
View website:

Exposure Men Studio

Right in the bustling Bristol Shopping Quarter, Exposure Men Studio is a conveniently located high-quality barbershop. The sleek and modern studio creates a relaxing environment, and every staff member is incredibly experienced and detail-oriented. In addition to traditional barber services including short and long haircuts and hot towel shaves, Exposure Men Studio takes their service to the next level by offering facials and masks for any customers looking for a bit more pampering during his haircut or beard trim. Additionally, they offer colouring and highlights, which is traditionally not offered at a barbershop. If you need any more incentive to get your next haircut at Exposure Men Studio, every customer receives 10% off their first visit.
View website:

Everyman Barbers

Everyman Barbers is where traditional barbering meets the modern-day. Located on Penn Street, Everyman is a one-of-a-kind barbershop dedicated to taking barbering to the next level. The shop has classic leather barber's chairs in an immaculate and modern space. They advertise themselves as being specifically for the modern man who knows what they want, how they want to look, and how they want to feel. They offer a variety of unique services like Everycam, which allows customers to see how busy the shop is before they visit, as well as Everyman Media which includes free WIFI, gaming station, and live sports in every shop. Perhaps the best of Everyman's offerings is the free beer and spirits. Everyman Barbers believes that going for a haircut can be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to rather just a dreaded chore.
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