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Hub Box Bristol

Hub Box on Whiteladies Road is known for serving up delicious burgers using the highest quality local ingredients. The restaurant first opened right on the coast in Saint Ives. Since then they’ve expanded across the southwest of England but remained true to their Cornish roots. Each new Hub Box is dedicated to celebrating its local area and creating its own unique environment. At Hub Box Bristol, all the meat for the burgers is farmed on the Cornwall Devon border. This allows them to support local businesses while also ensuring that they’re always serving the freshest meat. Hub Box is also committed to using local suppliers for the rest of their ingredients, including for their American style malt milkshakes. Malt milkshakes use malted milk powder to thicken the drink. Hub Box has classic flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry as well as more unique flavours like banana, salted caramel, and oreo. All of their shakes can be made without malt, which makes them gluten-free. 

VX Bristol

If you’re looking for tasty vegan junk food, VX Bristol is the place to go. The shop first opened in 2015 and offers vegan versions of all your favourite junk food and coffee shop dishes like burritos and macaroni and cheese. VX is also known for its delicious vegan milkshakes available in three flavours: the classic shake, the oreo shake, and the biscoff shake. All three shakes are available as monstershakes topped with whipped cream, sauces, and other toppings like doughnuts and biscoff bars. Somewhat similar to a milkshake, they make a coke float which is a simple drink made from coke and ice cream.  

The East St shop is also a vegan grocery store that carries a wide range of vegan products from sauces and essentials to ready-made meals. VX also has a large number of vegan meat and fish products like bacon, sausages, and tuna. Currently, the grocery store is offering click and collect as well as free local delivery on orders over £20. 

Beehive Coffee House

The Beehive Coffee House is home to some of the most extravagant milkshakes in Bristol. The original location in Downend has been a destination for milkshake enthusiasts for years and recently, a second location opened in Broadmead. 

Beehive freakshakes are thick milkshakes topped with a doughnut, whipped cream, wafer, pretzels, and other delicious toppings. These shakes come in more than ten different flavours, including classics like vanilla and chocolate as well as unique options like jammy dodger and bee more unicorn. One of their most popular freakshakes is the Nutella Jar which is a Nutella shake served in a Nutella jar topped with a doughnut, chocolate buttons, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate sauce. There is also always a special freakshake known as the freakshake of the week available. The Beehive Coffee House caters to different dietary needs and allergies and offers vegan and dairy-free freakshakes as well as gluten-free toppings. If a freakshake sounds like a little too much for you, they also have milkshakes without all the toppings. 

In addition to their milkshakes, the Beehive Coffee House serves coffee, tea, breakfasts like a bacon butty or full English, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, and paninis five days a week from 10 am to 4 pm. 

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The next time you’re craving a milkshake, make sure to check out one of these fantastic shops. Just remember that with the current COVID-19 restrictions, many of these businesses are operating reduced hours for takeaway or delivery or may even be closed. If you decide to try one, make sure you check to see if they’re open before visiting or placing an order. 

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